Private Estate Experience

The Chilko Experience is the nicest wilderness rec facility in North America. Can't help it, its our genetics. We started life as a seven home $10M private estate with world class architecture. We think and operate like an estate. We host friends not guests who interface with the owners not managers. The experience we try to emulate is being young and going to one's favorite rich uncle's place who has a chef, an open bar, cool toys and doing/seeing things you can't anywhere else.

Feeling Crowded

The Chilcotin region of British Columbia is 32M acres, has 1,000 residents or one every 50 square miles. The Chilko area is a pristine 5M acre wilderness tract and is the best of the Chilcotin. Its population is a handful of lucky folks. Chilko has a vastness and purity that is wonderful but can not be explained, only experienced. Come and reconnect with nature as a party of one.

We make better kids.

All parents want the best for their kids but sometimes don't know what that is. We build better kids by connecting them to nature at the highest possible level. We also build better families by building memories that last forever. click here (link to better kids article ) to see how we do it.

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