Wounded Warriors

Wounded_Warrior_Host_blackThe Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort provides our Wounded Warriors an 180-degree escape through Operation Comfort. In the early 2000’s a veteran American Airlines flight attendant named Janice Roznowski helped transport many young soldiers to Iraq to begin their tour of duty. Later she transported many of these same soldiers to rehab hospitals in the US and Germany. Based in Texas near Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, she began visiting these wounded soldiers and found many needs were not being met for the soldiers and their families. As a volunteer, she began to raise funds and recruit others to help meet those needs. As a result, Operation Comfort was founded and has grown in its service to our military men and women.




Operation Comfort allows soldiers to visit destinations where recreational activities
will aid in their rehabilitation. The Huston’s have provided them a home since 2007.
Wounded Warriors are surrounded by family and friends in nature’s healing wilderness
via The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort.





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