Log Homes

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The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort began as a single renovation and grew into a retreat composed of 14 buildings including 4 log homes and 3 timber frame homes. Off-the-grid wilderness construction is no small task. This was a trip by trip, log by log 5-year crusade.

Our architecture is world class: no tents here. Each building is thoughtfully placed on 25 acres for privacy and natural vistas. The final result offers you luxurious creature comfort in a home designed with artful charm and privacy. Log and timber frame homes are the essence of natural living. Wood is a living material. Huge logs and beams move, they crack and they sing at night as the day’s warmth yields to the night’s chill. They are fundamental to replenishing the soul.

The architecture at the Chilko Experience is stunning for many small reasons that combined to create something special. Pioneer Log homes of BC is the best log home builders in the world and they are located in nearby Williams Lake.  Pioneer’s owner, Byran Reid, and Chilko Experience owner, Phil Huston, met on a fishing trip and have been friends ever since.

“Luck was also with us,” says Phil. “When we landed three ship carpenters who were here for nearly four years doing all of our finish work. Ship carpenters have to build watertight, so their skill sets are remarkable. A local friend was an electrical engineer and he designed our entire off-grid electric system, including solar. He stayed for another 13 years as our general manager. Anne Huston, who has been an antique collector and dealer for over thirty years, decorated all the homes. She had a warehouse full of treasures she had been collecting for just the right application. Everything contributed to the finished product.”

When it was time to build, Pioneer was the natural choice, and the five-year project was done on a handshake. The talent at Pioneer are now TV stars on HGTV Canada’s top-rated reality show called Timber Kings. It’s in its third season and airs in over 60 countries.

Take an aerial tour or a virtual 3D tour of each of our custom built log homes.

Tower House- Pioneer Log Homes

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