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About the Chilko Experience

Who are we?Lodges nestled in a hidden oasis

We are one man’s dream.  A private seven home $10M luxury estate built in the pristine British Columbia wilderness for the use of friends & family.  We are now open to the public building new friends & family.   We are best of breed because of what we are not, another lodge. We offer an estate experience. We host friends not guests who interface with the owners, not managers.

Our strengths are three. World class architecture. We have homes not cabins. A better than world class location. We are located in southern British Columbia on a 5M acre pristine wilderness tract that exceeds Alaska in so many ways. Lastly, we offer great adventures in the middle of this setting that allows friends to connect with nature at the highest level possible.

The Chilko Experience is a boutique facility hosting 12 guests per week, 200 per season. We have the ability to host larger groups (20) should the occasion arise. Our market niche is all-inclusive luxury adventure travel. Families and couples are our clients. We specialize in multigenerational families as we offer activities for an 8-year-old and a 80-year-old.


experiences1What we do

We build better kids and families by connecting them with nature. We have done it for our own family and now we’re are doing it for other families.

How we do it

We offer a dozen different guided activities that put our guests in the middle of a natural wilderness few know exists. Doing cool things in the middle of great places is the best way to experience nature first hand. Add friends and family and it does not get any better.





About us- The HustonsOur Story

The Chilko Experience is owned by Phil and Anne Huston. It is the product of two fundamental desires. To encounter nature at the highest pristine level possible and to raise better kids by doing so. Five for five is as good as it gets for parents. A big part of that success was the solid grounding natural experiences provide the young.

Our story covers 40 years from the first time Phil discovered British Columbia on a walkabout to the present when we have opened the facility to the public. In between those dates is rearing five children, one start-up company,  a five-year wilderness construction project, hosting a thousand private guests to a Chilko Experience and now doing the same for new friends. We will fill in the details when we meet in person.


Browse our all-inclusive adventures and amenities. Take a virtual tour of our luxury lodges with aerial drone videos and 3D video touring… an amazing walk through, the next best thing to being here!


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